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About Us

With over a thousand homes designed, we're excited to bring our expertise and unique talents to your next project. 


Monica Cardinale - Lead Designer

Our Story

While we don't want to bore you with a resume of our credentials, if you welcome us into your space, you should know why we deserve to be there, starting with our founder, Monica Cardinale.

Like many others, Monica quickly discovered how interior design could be a form of self-expression, encouraging her to pursue an Associate’s degree in Interior Design before taking a two-year position at Sherwin Williams as a color and paint consultant. 

She’s owned a home-staging company for over ten years and flipped homes for investors, giving new life to old spaces. And… *catches breath* she’s designed and furnished over a thousand homes and met hundreds of amazing people along the way. 

Urban Palette Interiors is a result of her skill and passion for bringing comfort, joy, and personality to every space.

Services for Every Style


Simply put, if you struggle with interior design or don’t have the time to debate colors or curtains, we have you covered, no matter your taste. Traditional, Scandinavian, mid-century modern - there’s no style beyond our wheelhouse, so you can feel good about leaving your home in our hands. And better yet, we enjoy every minute of it, devoting meticulous attention to every project.


We’re proud to offer an extensive suite of services, from remodeling and renovations to new construction and color consultations. For those looking for the whole package, our full design services check every box, guaranteeing beautiful results that blend color, light, and texture for a pleasing sensory experience like no other. 


A Collaboration for Every Client

We recognize designing your space is a highly personal process. For example, a specific coffee table, desk chair, and art piece can elicit meaning and happiness in one person, while a different set of items and hues does the same for someone else. 

We take the time to understand your goals and circumstances, creating a personalized process that promises the best results for you and your unique home. Our meaningful relationships with our clients allow us to make your dream design a reality. 

Ready to elevate your space and state of mind? Sit back and allow us to work our magic. 

Our Mission

To create beautiful spaces by honoring the principles of interior design from a fresh, bespoke approach, inspiring original, joy-inducing environments for every client.

Our Vision

To continue serving our clients, growing our skills, and collaborating with like-minded designers who share our vision of creating value in interiors and the interior design industry.  

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